Neebota: Zeebo’s Nightmare

To be announced

With his pet Hekke by his side, Zeebo embarks on a grand adventure to get to the bottom of what’s causing disturbances in his mind. A dungeon-crawling action RPG set in a surreal nightmare with class-swapping, morphs in an entirely original fantasy world with fantastical monsters.

Zeebo wakes up multiple times at at night after the most bizarre dream where his body painfully morphs. Home alone, Zeebo mourns his parents’ recent death with only his beloved pet Hekke by his side and his friends. But no one knows just why his nightmares are this intense. As he receives a dream helmet and dream controller from his best friend Laurence, Zeebo now has the tools to take control of his dream…and find out why this is happening to him.

A unique blend of JRPG and PC RPG elements

Beautiful dream areas, and to dungeons explore and conquer

A class-swap system with morphs and unique abilities

Bizarre and fantastical bosses, mind-bending levels