Was born high. Always learning. Science, AI and philosophy freak. Gamed all his life. Enjoys every aspect of game creation, especially game design, game mechanic programming, game jams, and world building. Favorite games of all time: Smash Brothers, Ultima Online, Secret of Mana. Was once a semi-pro competitive player in Smash Brothers Melee. On a mission to make games with rich worlds come to life. Rumored to have an archive of a 1000+ game concepts and many prototypes.


A perfectionist and glutton for punishment who fell in love with programming and all the artistry that goes into game-making.
Favorite games of all time: Nier: Automata, Enter The Gungeon, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Loves a challenge and a good soundtrack.


3D Specialist

Geodesist by profession. Passionate about new technologies in construction. This turned out to be a ticket to the world of game development, which in turn opened up opportunities for improvement of her artistic skills and her further development as a modeler. Favorite games of all time: Sayonara Wild Hearts, The Sims, Stronghold. A confectionary artist after hours – loves to make unusual cakes and decorate them to the beat of good music.

Concept Artist

From the very beginning, she loved art and games. She does not remember the true beginning of this love, but she does remember enjoying Super Mario, Donkey Kong and later games like Stronghold and Neighbors Back from Hell. It wasn’t long after before she decided to be a game artist – not only to make art for games, but also to make art based on games. After all, “art is a form of play”.



Tried to skedaddle from a scary frog and somehow ended up here. Studied sound engineering, but now helps with organizing others life’s mess. Gamed since the age of 5. Favourite games of all time: Mass Effect, Alice: Madness Returns, Machinarium and The Witcher 3. Also has love-hate relationship with The Sims series. Heavily musical soul, never misses her choir rehearsals. Current tree hugger, future cat lady.

3D Artist

A long time painter who’s also in love with all forms of creative expression. An enthusiast of altered states of consciousness, believes in the importance of dreams as a pilar of human creativity and it’s power to create new worlds. Some of the most memorable games played are Super Mario, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The Last of Us (I and II) and Red Dead Redemption 2. Can eat it’s own bodyweight in pizza given the right conditions.


Exploration enthusiast that does not shy away from a good challenge. Someone who likes contemporary art and appreciates a good landscape painting or portrait. Often investigating how things operate which is why animation seems to come naturally to him. The beauty in a flow of the motion is all it takes to make him smile and a new World of Warcraft Expansion announcement. Favourite games; Journey, Super Mario Bros 3 and The Witcher: Wild Hunt.


A calming presence with a voice as deep as the range of his interests. Creator of the critically acclaimed, yet never released FJ Dev Show. Favorite games of all time: Dead Cells, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and The Longest Journey. Loves playing guitar and making games. Will play guitar for food.