About Frying JElly

Inimitable games with rich worlds.

We bring games to life with the help of generative AI as captivating singleplayer and multiplayer experiences that are easy to play, hard to master. We’re into action-adventure with story and RPG elements, action-RPGs, and multiplayer with casually competitive elements. When it comes to genres and mechanics, we like to throw in the odd experiment!

Our rich worlds stretch beyond games to the digital and the physical realm, ranging from animated series, art and comics, to merch. We don’t just make games and cool technology, we build awesome IP with rich worlds that last forever.

Highlight…so far.

  • A social media audience of 200,000 followers on our game studio and brand accounts with viral content (1M+ views on several videos!).
  • Over 60,000 downloads of our 99 Fails (Lite) demo.
  • Covered by press such as TheGamer, PC Gamer and EDGE Magazine.
  • Praised, advised and working with by game industry veterans, like from DoubleFine Productions.

In a Nutshell

Our mission

To create games that are unlike any other with engrossing worlds you can get lost in.

Our Vision

To become a household name in matching boundless creativity with technical innovation in A.I., creating the future of gaming.

Our Approach

We approach game development holistically, from game design, gameplay to marketing and the world, and all of their future potential from the get-go.